Do I have to have ten sessions for it to be beneficial?

Do I have to have ten sessions for it to be beneficial?

The traditional Rolfing Series is a 10 session model that comprehensively balances your body’s fascial network to reduce strain on your joints, reducing or eliminating pain.

Fascia, also known as connective tissue, is a tough, fibrous tissue which wraps and connects every muscle, bone and organ in our bodies. Falls, trauma, surgeries, and repetitive movements can disorganize this protean tissue, and create facial strains which manifest as stiffness, aches, and pain.

The 10 series can be thought of as a progression of lenses, looking at your body’s fascial continuum along particular lines of transmission so that each session catalyses the following work. The 10 series allows Rolfing’s holistic paradigm to be fulfilled, giving you the maximum benefit of this powerful modality.

That said, it is not necessary to do a full 10 sessions. You can opt to come for what is called “fix-it” Rolfing (eg. “My shoulder hurts, please fix it!”). Quite often 1 session can provide substantial and lasting relief for chronic discomforts and pains residing in any part of your body.

Mini series can also be designed to work with a larger “territory” of your body—for instance a series of 3 is a very good way to establish an easier, more expansive way of breathing.
The best choice for each individual will depend on several variables. We can talk about your goals, and discuss what approach will be the best for you.vary.